Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The turbulent world of Life

Well Life has really ebbed and flowed since I last sat down and had five minutes to write a few lines. It does not do to dwell on the downs in life so I am not going to, we have moved on at pace over the last year with NOTHS starting to generate interest in my products. I have changed direction slightly this year to try and concentrate on the furniture which is really exciting, I am now doing about 10 shows this year to promote children's furniture and accessories.So look out for us when you are out and about. I will list the shows shortly on the website.

Now with all these shows it has given us the opportunity to develop some more smaller items to go alongside the sheep cushions and lamps. We have done some small cot and bed blankets, which are being sewn up as we speak. These we will post on the website as soon as they return to us.

The long campaign of big shows is also starting to reap its rewards and we have had orders coming in from allover, the best one going down to a holiday home in Cornwall. I was pleased with the graduated orange drawer fronts on the tall chest of drawers and the subtle seashells painted on as well finished it off beautifully.

I am now gearing up for my first show of the year which is Badminton Horse Trials at the beginning of May. I have been racking my brains (trust me that's tough!!) and have finally come up with a design (massively amibitous as usual!!) which I will roll out across my shows this year.

Finally I promised (I know again!!) that I will be more disciplined in my blog writing and do it on a more regular basis. My facebook and twitter accounts are working a treat, but I cannot take any credit for that, it all goes to Kate who religiously posts everyday (except in the holidays!).

I hope everyone has a fabulous year and remember "the river ebbs and flows but it always reaches the sea"