Thursday, 10 January 2013

Ramblings of would be furnituremaker

Well the snow has gone and actually it seems warmer somehow? Still I had 3 days spare and I was determined to make a small kitchen table from some Horse Chestnut I had leftover. I was pleasantly surprised with the amazing wild grain which revealed itself when the timber was cut and planed. The table only took me 3 days but I wanted to personalise it and I thought why not carve feet of the family into the top. (well I am a bit mad in some of my ideas!!!!). I have never carved before really but with a blue footprint on paper from each of my children wife and myself I set to work. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it and I am so chuffed with the result. So I have named it the Friday table (A large nod to Mr Defoe). See what you all think

Snow has fallen....actually still falling my children dragged me away from important computer work by throwing snowballs at my shepherd's hut window(well I could not let that pass!!). I am now back slightly damp! in the warm. Inspiration is elusive today with only  a brief  flash for some fabric drawer fronts (yet another item to add to the long workshop list. Speaking of that last time I tried glueing up a large Chest of Drawers was in similiar weather to now. DISASTER the glue all failed in the cold ................aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. All had to be dismantled clean up and redone. Still workshop is a bit warmer now than it was. Not my finest hour still we live and learn

I came across this painted tray I did for someone just before Christmas, I must be getting old I had forgotten I had done it. Still amazing what a bit of paint will do for a rather nasty tray from a well known department store. As the client put it "it was boring!" Looking back at the photo I realised that perhaps I am not quite such a bad painter as I first thought. I can feel some present ideas seeping into my sluggish brain!!! Still I am still surprised what I will do for a bit of cash!!

 The last of the Christmas decorations have be confined to the loft and now January is well underway. I have already finished one small job this year, so things are looking up. As I look out to the rolling downland from my rebuilt shepherd's hut (another story for another time!) my flock of Light Sussex hove into view slightly resembling miniature melted snowmen eager for another bowl of scraps from the house.

Still this rambling is not getting any website built quicker, so I must sign off and return to the day job Boo.... Hiss!!

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