Monday, 11 February 2013

February 2013

It seems ages since I last wrote, but I am still here just trying to kick start the year. January is always a tricky month, but it gave me time to collect my thoughts and work out a plan of campaign for the year. Everybody wants me to come and exhibit at their shows and fairs but I am not sure which ones to do. I am sharing a stand at Hamptworth which I have not done before, and there is the Woodfair at Stock Gaylard which I love going to. I am sure that it is not the best for me but I love the atmosphere there, not too big and people all seem to be passionate about wood, always helpful at a wood fair!!! I would love to exhibit at RHS Wisley but the funds will not stretch that far this year grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
Additionally I have been tracked down by another woodfair called the Pink Tree Woodfair at Delamore, anyway there seem to be a lot of arty people at this show which is right up my street!! so the show circuit seems to be filling up, all I have to do now is to find the money to pay for them all!!

I have jumped off the furniture bandwagon recently to carry out some very technical refurbishment

TASK:- Fit a chipboard kitchen.
 I know I know how could I stoop so low? Once I had picked myself up off the floor at how much this rubbish cost, I set about reminding myself "your only doing it for the money". Still it teaches you a few things such as " I never ever want one of these in my kitchen!!" A couple of dressers and a butchers block will suit me fine, and of course a teak sink.

By the way this message and the kitchen units will self destruct in 5 seconds!!!

I was trying to show one of my nephews a cupboard bookcase I made for a client, (I have never received such  lovely message before thanking me for the bookcase. He was only 6) I realised that I had not put it up on the website, so that got remedied tonight, anyway picture of it below. I was really pleased with this everything worked out the way I wanted it to and the finished mural was really plausible, see what you think.
But everything working out pales into insignificance when a 6 year old boy thanks you personally!

Still more ramblings to come but I must stop things to do.

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